Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010 - 3.5 Mile Run

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

Tonight's run was really good. I asked Chris to drop me off in the middle of town so I could run home. It was strange because I really felt like I was pushing and pushing, but when I checked my time at the mile mark, it was 12:35! What?! There is no way. I was doing at least a 9 minute mile. My stop watch had never lied to me before, so I gotta tell you, I felt pretty betrayed.

So I ignored the stop watch for the rest of the run and just focused on my heart rate. I was at 95% for most of the time. So it was a sprint. Screw the stop watch!!!

Mile one was rough, as usual. For a minute, I really wondered why I was doing this. I didn't really catch my stride until 1.75 miles which is late for me. Maybe it was because I didn't have Sarah with me. It was just me and Michael Jackson. Don't stop 'til you get enough!!!

Mile 2 was my mile. I was making great time (I'm assuming. I wasn't on speaking terms with my stop watch if you'll recall) and my stride was just what it should have been. My form was good and my speed work was right where it should be. It was a good Interval Training session. Certainly no where near qualifying for Boston, but that's never been on my Bucket List anyway.

By the time I was pushing mile three, Micheal is singing in my ear, "Will You Be There" and that is a great piece for a warm down. I'm feeling good and the run is almost done. Sweet!

As I turn the corner into my neighborhood, I run into Jim sitting on his porch with his dog. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Your workout is sacred and unless you're bleeding from your eyeballs or a train is bearing down on you, you don't let anything interrupt you!" I know. I get it. I feel the same way. Really. But Jim is super cool and his dog Chelsea is 14+ years old and she's been circing the drain for a while now. He's going to be a mess when that dog dies and I really felt like the investment in the relationship was worth my dropping heart rate. So I stopped and had a lovely exchange with my neighbor and his dog. I believe it's what Jesus would have done. Ah well, once again, my warm down was interrupted by the humanity around me.

So I walk a few doors down to my house and I am almost completely recovered. Still sweating like a horse, but I'm not wheezing like a sleestak like I would be if I had sprinted all the way to my doorstep like I'd intended to. Chris is fighting with Jordan to get his homework done, Jayda is sitting on a floor having an animated conversation with her new shoes and Sarah is whining and jumping all over the place because she thinks we're going for a run.

This is my life. This my Happy Place. I smile and wonder what was beating in my chest when I was reaching my peak speed a few minutes ago because clearly, my heart was here.

See ya tomorrow!

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