Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 21st and 22nd – 2.92 & 5.55 Mile Runs

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

I ran 2 days in a row and need to catch up so I am going to report 2 runs in the same post.

The first one was on Friday after work. The weather has been so beautiful lately, it’s been so great to run at any time of day and even the evenings are nice and pleasant. I knew I was going to get a longer run in the next day, so I just asked Chris to drop me off at the BGC so I could run home. Aside from the perps pulled over by some cops at around the 2 mile mark, this run was pretty uneventful. I wasn’t sure if I should run through the scene or cross the street. I started to cross the street, but didn’t want to be ticketed for J-walking so I just gave them a pretty wide berth and kept moving.

The temperature was perfect. The pace was great and I made it home before Jeopardy. Win – win!

The second run was a tough one. It was over 5.5 miles and it was 90% hills. On the run before the last one, I had this weird pain in my left shin. Right where you’d tie your laces. I’ve never had shin splints before and I thought they happened much higher so I thought perhaps I’d just tied my shoes too tight. The pain was gone as soon as I stopped running so I forgot about it. Then it came back sharply as soon as I put my running shoes on yesterday so I thought it had to be the shoes. I loosened my laces and everything was fine.

This morning, the pain was back as soon as I put my shoes on and I was starting to get concerned. No pain when I’m barefoot. No pain in my Crocs. No pain in any other shoes, just the Asics. This is odd but it really does seem to just be the shoes. So I tied them really loosely and headed over to a friends house for 5 mile run.

Well, this run started out badly and just got worse. First of all, my friend (Michelle) is much better than me so she was off and running and I was far behind her the entire way. This was fine with me, as I have no intention of hurting myself just to prove I can *AND* I love to use my headphones so I don’t have to worry about being rude. Secondly, this was a relentlessly hilly run. I just started working hills into my workouts and I am not a big fan. But hill work is speed work in disguise, so I know I gotta do it.

The first half was very challenging but OK. At about the 3.5 mile mark, this weird pain is starting to come back and it wasn’t letting up. By the time I hit the 5 mile mark, I was walking, even the flat straight-aways.

I hope it’s not shin splints. The pain was gone as soon as I took my shoes off. I can’t be injured right now… or ever really. But I want to register for a run in Camarillo next weekend and I really want to be healthy for it. So I’ll be phasing in some new shoes and praying for healthy shins!

Here’s a pic of Michelle and me I. Hopefully, we can get another run in next weekend.

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