Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 14th, 2011 – 2.49 Mile Run

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

This run was really rough and I’m not sure why. It was windy, but I’ve run in wind before without this much trouble.

I’m in training for the Great Race of Agoura in March so I have committed myself to running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a longer run on the weekends. I want my runs to be 3.5 miles but so far, I haven’t been able to find a route that fits the bill. I’m running during my lunch breaks so I have to finish with enough time to get the run in and then get back to the office with a enough time to clean myself up. While I can do the distance in about 40 minutes, I can’t get to the end of a route, discover that it’s not long enough, then try to find another bit of road or trail to run….. in 40 minutes. So what I’ve been trying to do it get an idea of the run I want to do and just going out to see if it works. So far, they have been around 2.5 miles.

That’s OK. At least I’m getting the miles in. Today I decided I wanted to run Old Town. It was nice and pleasant. The weather was perfect but the streets were busy and the wind was really hard on me. I’ll try this one again because the sidewalks are ample and the scenery is nice, but Whew! This run was tough on me.

Aw, well…. Not every run can mind-blowing. I'll be back at it tomorrow!

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