Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18th, 2010 – 3.65 Mile Run

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

Tonight’s run was really great. I selected smooth jazz on the iPod because I knew I was going for a relaxing run. I missed my run yesterday because of inclement weather. Well, inclement for Southern California. It wasn’t cold. Wasn’t raining. It just wasn't *perfect*. I know, I’m a weather wimp and that’s why I submit to this ridiculous cost of living.

I usually stop at the half mile point to stretch, but I am barely running so I just blow right passed it.John Coltrane is doing his thing and I’m feeling good. Sarah is orbiting me like a furry, black moon. So I have to pass her leash behind my back several times so I don’t get wrapped up in it.

This is just a smooth run. I’m not focused on speed. I am focused on form and listening to my body. Mental Evaluation: Achilles Tendon – Good; Knees – Check; Lower Back – Solid. We’re good to go and James Ingram and Patti Austin have posed the question: “How Do You Keep The Music Playing?” Well, James and Patti, running keeps the music playing.

I’m at the half way point and I’m still feeling pretty good. Like Gretchen Lieberum, “I Feel Like A Brand New Morning”. Now I am heading back home and it’s going to be a good night.

Posture Check – Straighten that spine, get that chest up, tuck in that bottom, don’t let those shoulders creep up and pump those arms like a lumberjack. Ah, yes. My center of gravity is behind me now and that relieves the pressure coming up in my knees. This is good. It’s not always about speed. Working on form is just as important. Doesn’t matter if you break your record if you can’t walk the next day cuz you’ve blown out your knee, crushed a disc or snapped your AT!

Norah Jones is singing me home with “Turn Me On”. I’m loving this. I’m feeling good. I’m finished now and it’s time to get dinner on the table.

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