Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22nd, 2010 – Health & Fitness Expo

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

I took the day off today to drive down to Los Angeles for packet pick-up for the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon!!! The President was in town so traffic was atrocious. Whether he got my vote or not, I'm a patriot to the bone and I think it’s really exciting to have The President in the area. So I was happy to sit in traffic listening to Lee Ann Womack sing “I Hope You Dance”. Felt like I was doing my civic duty.

I made it to the Convention Center thinking I would just run in, grab my packet and leave. But when I got inside, I got caught up in the awesomeness of the event. First of all, runners are just the most wonderful people on the planet and since I was wearing a pink T-Shirt with a bold, electric blue "13.1" on it, I was pretty easy to spot as a fan of the sport. So other runners were quick to chat me up and ask for directions, what my opinion was on running in general, swap injury stories and problem areas. Secondly they have the coolest stuff and I am a sucker for accessories that make my run more pleasant or efficient. Standby for product reviews on the following:

Pro-Tec Athletes Achilles Tendon Support:

This was the first thing I purchased and really, I had no intention of buying anything, but when I saw these, I just had to give them a try. The sales associate was, of course, very helpful in sitting me down and insisting that I try one on. I gotta say, he was right when he said the relief would be immediate. It felt really great. I know better than to run a big race in new gear, but I think I’m gonna give this baby a whirl. I’ll letcha know how it goes.

Perform Pain Reliever:

These folks were just super cute and they were handing out free stuff. They insisted that their gel was better than the gel I use and gave me 4 samples and several $2 off coupons. The least I can do it try them and write up an honest review.

SpiBelt, Small Personal Item Belts:

Now this was a random purchase and I most certainly should not have made it…. But I’m glad I did. I have a CamelBak belt and I really like it, but it can be a little too clunky and it has a water bottle on it and sometimes, I just don’t need it. Also, it isn’t waterproof, which was a problem with my last run when Sean and I got caught in the glorious rain. This little guy is waterproof. After I purchased, the vendor gave me these great little bungee straps that hold your bib so you don't have to poke holes in your running shirt. It also has these wonderful strips that hold gels, Sports Beans and arm warmers. Speaking of which…..

Asics Arm Warmers:

It is going to be cool that morning, so I bought these because they got decent reviews and they were reasonably priced. I got them in white because that was all that was available in my size.

Head Band:

The vendor didn't give me a card or brochure and I don't recall exactly what they are called, but I thought this one was super cute and will review it just the same. I'll compare it to the one I bought from Go Headband.
I thought this one was cute because it'll give me smilies on the days when I don't wanna be out there.

That’s it for now. I am nervous, but excited. I joined a pace team, but I’m not positive that I will run with them. I entered the 3 hour team but I really *really* hope I do much better than that.

And they had the coolest T-Shirt ever!

I won’t wear it until I’ve earned it.

Wish me luck on Sunday and standby for race and product reviews as well as purchasing info.

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