Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 19th, 2012 – 3.86 Mile Run

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

This was a rather heavy-hearted run. Every time I hear of a lady runner who is taken on a routine run, it breaks my heart and I feel like it affects everyone who calls herself a runner.

Sarah Hart, 31, lost her life last week when she was out for a run with her sister. She started to feel a little ill and told her sister to go on and she turned back to go to her car. On the way, she was robbed and killed. You can read the whole story HERE.

Please pray for every runner that you know and even the ones you don’t.

I ran this run alone, even after hearing such news. We can’t let these acts of evil rob us of the joy we can find in this world. Sarah did everything right, it seems. Someone knew where she was going. She wasn’t running alone. She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She leaves a husband, three children and the unborn child inside her.

My prayers go out to her entire family. Especially her husband, children and her sister, who was spared, praise GOD!

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