Monday, November 14, 2011

October 31st thru November 12th – 13.27 Miles Total

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

It’s been a rough couple weeks for fitness. I am still trying to get myself acclimated to the new schedule. I am training a friend who wants to work running into her workouts and we tend to meet at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. The weather has not been cooperating, either. It has been rainy and rather windy lately.

A rainy run is not a bad run. In fact running in the rain kinda makes me feel like a hardcore badass. However, I am stumped by 30 mph winds. That much wind is enough to ruin the run for me.

When you’re dealing with inclement weather in SoCal, there really is no reason to push yourself to get out in it because the reality is, we get 360 sunny days a year. It’s not like Denver or Seattle where if you can’t operate in the rain, you’d better relocate.

With our literal SEVEN DAYS of winter, it really is OK if you opt not to run on cold, rainy, windy days.

So that’s what’s been going on for me lately: Trying to adjust to a new schedule and allowing life and bad weather… or just weather… to get in the way.

There were a few days when I couldn’t take it and I just *had* to get out there, so I did get rained on one day, but again, running in the rain makes me feel like a hardcore bad ass, so it was awesome.

Also, I have managed to introduce weight training into my schedule. Well, this is just the worst. I really don’t like weight training but Lorenza came over after my run last weekend and her voice was completely gone.

I felt so badly for her, sounding like a Mexican Macy Gray, I told her we could skip the hill work and I dragged out the kettle bells and showed her how to use them. We had a brief 30-minute weight training session in my garage with the kettle bells, hand weights and medicine ball.

Of course, Lorenza thought it was great and wants to do it regularly now. Jeez! It was certainly NOT my desire to start weight training again but I must admit that I had been thinking about it and this seemed a fine opportunity.

Besides, I have figured out what I’m going to wear to the company Christmas party. It is an evening event and the only requirement that I have for myself is that I be fabulous. I can do fabulous in my sleep but having rock-solid, Michelle Obama arms won’t hurt. So the weight training may not be so bad.

Now.... On to the run...

October 31st – 3.21 Miles
November 6th – 3.87 Miles
November 7th – 2.08 Miles
November 12th – 4.11 Miles
November 12th – 30 Mins Weight Training

The 6th and the 12th were actually runs. The others were power-walks with Lorenza where we worked in a few speed intervals.

The pic is just me and my Jayda at the BGC Annual Family Dinner. Another beautiful part of life that gets in the way of the run.

Here I am on Halloween, very happy that my Official 2012 Michael Jackson Wall Calendar has arrived. There’s nothing like racking up miles with Michael Jackson blaring on my iPod. I can almost hear him say “Chum On!” when I mark it on my calendar.


  1. So you are playing Coach now, Great!!! have you picked out a race (5km) for the 2 of youu to run? I hope you do, it's always nice to work towards something. It almost forces you to get into that routine that is needed...

    Nice to see you always smiling in the pictures!

  2. Hey Coach!!! Yeah! One of the Moms at the BGC asked me to help her work running into her workout so I told her I'd teach her all I knew. Then (yes!) we could do the Stinky Feet 5k in December!
    She's not all together sure she can do it but she's excited. I know she can do it. We've covered the distance several times already.
    Thanks for your kidn words. It's always great to hear from the Master.