Thursday, March 10, 2011

ABC's of Living in a Hayes

Age: 38.... Rockin' the "Middle-Aged" thing!

Bed Size: California King because I got a King-Sized man and kids who like to jump on my bed.

Chore You Hate: Cleaning up anything stinky. Poo Poo accidents, cleaning out running bag, picking up dog poop before we mow the lawn.

Dogs?: Sarah, a pound rescue. Mutt, but mostly black lab. Sweetest dog ever and the best running partner.

Essential Start Your Day Item: Green Tea, Whole Wheat Toast w/margarine and raspberry preserves

Favorite Color: My kids’ skin.

Gold or Silver? Stainless Steel

Height: 5’8.5”

Instruments You Play: None, but I wish I played the harp, so can serenade Jesus when I get There.

Job Title: Accounting Administrator

Kids: Jordan Christopher, 7 (8 on March 26th) and Jayda Christine, 3

Live: Every moment and with NO regrets!

Mom's Name: Ludi

Nicknames: Never been a fan of nicknames for myself. My brother calls me Bean Dip….. But he’s the ONLY one!!!

Overnight Hospital Stays? When I had my babies. Both, *really* good days!

Pet Peeve: Incompetence that means extra work for me.

Quote from a Movie: The Princess Bride: “You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Right or Left Handed? Right. Thought all Lefties were freaks until my son was born left-handed! What?!

Siblings: Older brother, Frank. He runs faster and longer than me without even training. Bastard!

Time You Wake Up? The alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m., However…..

Underwear: Running – None. Regular Everyday – Sensible cotton thong. Time of the month – Full coverage!

Vegetable You Dislike: Lima Beans. Pickled beets. What the heck is that anyway? And why are they the color of blood?

What Makes You Run Late: Family, mostly my husband.

X-Rays You've Had Done: Chest, Knee, Ankle. Most after my stint on WipeOut.

Yummy Food You Make: Fried Chicken, Amish Friendship Bread, Sweet Saltines

Zoo, Favorite Animal: The Beluga Whale

That's pretty much all there is to know about me, in case you were ever curious. See ya at the race!


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  2. I love The Princess Bride: Have see it lots of times... As you wish...

  3. GREAT flick!!! Thanks for visiting!