Friday, March 30, 2018

March 28, 2018 – 3.00 Mile Run

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

You all know that I am not a social person. I am very good in a social situation. I have an army of wonderful friends who I enjoy immensely and I believe they enjoy me too. However, I do really enjoy my own company. Most times, if I were left to my own devices, I would be a Recluse.

I would go to work every day and do my job well. Better than most, in fact. I would go home. I’d eat. I’d have a glass of wine. I’d read or watch TV. Then I’d go to sleep and do it all over again the next day.

And that would be it. No social interaction, actual or virtual. I wouldn’t eat much. Wouldn’t sleep much. Except for my bedroom, all of the rooms in my house would be unnaturally tidy…. And dusty. Because I would never use them. I would inhabit my bedroom only, with the door closed, and locked. Even if there was no one else there.

Well this past week was *very* close to that! And while I’m grateful that this time is very nearly over, I gotta say, I kinda loved it!

What happened was Jordan went to New York City with his High School Choir (GO HIGHLANDERS!!) to sing at Carnegie Hall!! Can you BELIEVE that!! Wow! At the same time, Chris was away on business for what was supposed to be 5 days, but turned out to be 12. So it was just Jayda and me at home for about a week.

Jayda is like me, in that she is also very fond of her own space. So we would cook dinner together when we got home, sit and talk, work on homework, give bunches and bunches of hugs, then retreat to our respective caves. On Sunday, we went to the movies twice in the same day! First, we saw “A Wrinkle in Time” (wish I’d enjoyed that more. I was only halfway through the book at the time of viewing). Then we went back later that day to see “Black Panther” for the second time (phenomenally great movie!).


But with Christopher gone, I realized I have a disturbing tendency to lose interest in things I would normally enjoy very much. Like reading and riding my bike and eating and running. Strangely, though, I was still very fond of WINE!!

Before I sent Jordan off, I picked this up:

I know what you’re thinking. What is a beautiful, knowledgeable, sophisticated woman like Sabrina doing even *considering* wine in a freakin’ BOX?! Well… I had no men at home. And this is as close to disgusting as I’m likely to get. Besides, I’d heard good things about this brand (out of Principal, I can’t use the word “vintage” or “Label”) and I wanted to give it a try. It was a 3-liter box, which was likely to hold me over very well til my men got back.

While the experience was not terrible, it wasn’t great. This was fine. One can hardly expect “greatness” from boxed wine. It was very thin and a tiny bit sweeter than I’d like. It was not very layered, textured or dynamic, and for some reason I really felt like it should be kept in the refrigerator, so it was much colder than it would have been, had I found space for it in my wine ‘fridge.

Bottom line - It was what it was: An adult juice box. And that was ok.


On to the Run…

This was a good run. Not because it was fast or long, but because I got to do it. I woke up early, as usual. To run, as usual. And we ran hills. I really needed to get this run in because, as previously implied, I felt I was beginning to show symptoms of mild Depression. I am not normally afflicted with Depression or “Soul Fog” of any kind, but Depression is nothing to mess with. So even if it wasn’t Depression, it was an internal shift that I didn’t want to embrace. Therefore, whether I wanted to or not, I was determined to wake up early and get a run in. With hills if I could swing it!

So, I pinged my Girl, Lina and said, “Let’s….”
And, as usual and without missing a beat, she said, “GO!”

We set out early to run the hills of Big Sky. It was great in its familiarity and easy going in its pace. My headlamp went out before I got to the halfway point, but my vest was still blazing bright. So it was all good.

It was good to be out breathing and running again and as always, was a very effective way to get me back to myself. I felt LOADS better after the run and I was ready to join The Living again!

Then, late on Monday night, I picked Jordan up from school after the Choir Trip. We were both embarrassingly happy to see each other. But we played it cool.

And the following Wednesday, I picked Chris up from the Hollywood Burbank Airport. Going to the airport is WONDERFUL and driving in Los Angeles is AWESOME…. When it ends up like this.

So I am back to my old self again now that my family and I are back under the same roof. I love my family. And I love being at home. Home is a good place. There is so much love. So much joy and laughter. No strife. Just peace and honest, unending acceptance, adoration and friendship. And hugs. Lots of love…. And wine.

See you on the next run.

And get your Mammogram!

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