Friday, August 22, 2014

August 17th – 23rd – 6.56 Miles Total & A Swim

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

If you speak with me for more than 5 minutes, you will learn 5 Things About Me:

1) You will learn that I believe Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.

2) You will learn that I believe my husband is the sexiest man alive.

3) You will learn that I believe my father is the best pastor in all the world. No offense to any other pastor. My Dad’s just better

4) You will learn that I believe the only real athletes are runners. Everybody else is just playin’ with their balls.

5) And you will learn that I believe that Michael Jackson is THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER WHO EVER LIVED!!!!!!!

You will learn these things because I am passionate about them. Therefore I am always talking about them. Seriously, don’t get me started on my husband! Or my Dad! Or Michael Jackson!!!

But we’re here to talk about running.

But just wait! I have to tell you! A friend of mine won at auction 8 (count them EIGHT!!!!) Limited edition Michael Jackson Lithographs with certificates of authenticity!!!!

And he just GAVE them to me!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! When his wife (my good friend Cynthia, who I used to work with many moons ago and who is also a survivor. Diagnosed at about the same time I was) showed up at my door with this TREMENDOUS gift, I screamed so loud, I triggered a hot flash!

I *love* them!!!! Can’t wait to get’ em all framed!!

Now, off to the Run.

August 17th – 3.51 Mile Run

This was a BEAUTIFUL run! I was visiting my in-laws in Camarillo and on the way to their house, Chris dropped me off 3.5 miles away from the house and I ran it in.

Camarillo is a Runner’s Paradise. Always temperate. Wide, smooth sidewalks. Miles and miles of running trails. Beautiful homes in quiet neighborhoods. Well lit streets. Very little crime. And hills.

Lots and lots of hills.

But there’s also the agriculture, so if you’re looking for something flat and easy on your knees, run the beautiful strawberry fields. It’s lovely.

I took my time on this run. It felt great. The only problem I had with this run is that it wasn’t long enough.

August 19th – 3.05 Mile Run
This was a regular Maintenance run. Nothing to report, really. My legs felt heavy after the hills of Camarillo, so I was just happy to get out there and get the miles in.

August 21st – Swim

I usually track my distance but I didn’t this time, so I’m not sure how many laps I did. I met my friend Kathy at the pool. She is training with her family for a Tri next month. She’s awesome! I have no idea how she got her entire family to train with her!! She’s my hero.

I am still dealing with shoulder impingement issues, so swimming is a little rough for me but it was great to be out there and I plan to do more of that!

I love Kathy!!


About socks: Do you always wear socks when you run? Ever since I started wearing Under Armors, I stopped wearing socks, they feel so good on my naked feet and I've never had any issues with blisters. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with running without socks, but for some reason I tend to think running without socks is something only naughty girls do.

I still tape my toenails on long runs, though. After all, a Pastor's Kid must have *some* decorum! And I'm not hardcore enough to not care if I lose toenails!


  1. If I talk with you for 5 mins you will realise that you have been wrong about your husband.... because I'm the sexiest man alive!!!

    I like the idea of taping toenail, might try it some day...