Monday, September 13, 2010

September 12th, 2010 – 10.4 Mile Run

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

Today’s run was really nice. It was the last long run I’ll do before I taper off to be ready for the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon this weekend. Technically, it’s a new route. I’ve done about half of it, but today I was going to complete the loop and make it a round 10 miles. The first half is a steady 700 ft climb. That is about a 550ft increase for me.

Mile 1 – This was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Mile 2 – This was when the real climbing was about to start and I was living for my 4 minute intervals to be over. Even the walking sections were a workout. Take a quick pic for my blog. It’s a beautiful day.

Mile 3 – The incline tapered off just a bit but was still a challenge and I had the fatigue from the previous miles behind me. Take two more Sports Beans and a bit of water.

Mile 4 – Still climbing and wondering if I will turn around and make it an 8 mile run. I can live with that. It’s still respectable. More water.

Mile 5 – This is where the incline tapers off significantly. I start to believe I can do this! The incorporated area ends and I’m running directly on the street with the cars. There are no sidewalks, no shoulder, many holes in the ground. Could those be rattlesnake burrows? I notice there are no street lamps and make a mental note to remind myself that this is strictly a daytime route. More water.

Mile 6 – My legs are just going. No thought. Zen running is beginning to set in, when my body just…. Goes. Take 1 Shot Block with the last of the water. Mile 7 is usually when I hit the wall, but I’ve been climbing for over an hour and I’ve hit the wall two times already.

Mile 7 – I am desperate for water now. I’ve been out for almost a mile. A special thanks for the good people at Rubio’s for letting me fill up at their fountain. And I’m back on the move!

Mile 8 – Now I am on the homeward trek and I am feeling pretty good. I’m tired for sure, but this part of the route is very familiar to me, the pavement is smooth and the path is peppered with many mature trees. I start to realize this running outfit won't do for race day. My Body Glide has completely worn off and I know that when I get home my girlie bits are going to be rubbed raw. The sweating will not help either. Youch!!! I make mental notes to be sure to shave cleanly on the morning of the race, wear long pants and figure out a way carry Body Glide with me just in case.

Mile 9 – I’m on auto pilot and just riding the decline until I get home. At the 9.38 mile point I realize I am about a half mile from home so I know I’m going to have to add some distance because if I stay on this route, I will arrive home at about 9.89 and didn’t come all this way to end up anywhere shy of 10 miles. So I make a left and start up the street. There is a slight incline and it’s killing me after such a long run.

Mile 10 – I’m in my neighborhood now and I am so familiar with it, I feel comfortable running on the street. The rubber in the asphalt provides slight relief to my knees and ankles, but after this much distance, the difference is significant. Feels good. I’m out of water again.

Last .4 – I’m about to round the corner and get home. Feeling good. There’s love there waiting for me and I’m, ready to go get it.

Home – I sit on my porch and add notes to RunKeeper with my iPhone. During this short break, my muscles have cooled and tightened and getting up to ring the doorbell sounds like torture. So I tap the door with my toe until someone comes to rescue me. It’s Chris! My hero!

He asks how far I ran and I can triumphantly say, “10.4 miles!” He’s impressed. All pain and discomfort is forgotten for the moment as I bask in my Sweetheart’s admiration. Then kids run up to me to ask for kisses and food. Amazing. Dad’s been here for hours and they’ve been quite content watching TV and playing games. Now that I’m home, they’re starving. I’m dripping with sweat, obviously exhausted and dehydrated and physically defeated but my kids don’t notice that. To them, I’m still Super Woman who magically makes food appear out of thin air. *sigh* I love them for it and of course, I don’t want to disappoint them. My ice and shower will have to wait. I’ve got babies to feed.

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  1. Good luck with your race this weekend. I hope it's all smooth sailing.