Monday, March 25, 2013

February 22nd thru March 22nd - 38.66 Miles Total

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

It has been quite a while since I have posted. As usual, I have been running regularly but not as regularly as I’d like.

Many things have been going on in my little Queendom. I’ve had 2 rather unusual experiences:

1) A Frosty Morning in Southern California! I know the rest of the world laughs at us, but having to defrost your windshield in SoCal is a pretty BIG deal!! It is very rare indeed…
(Of course the weather has since warmed up beautifully. We don't pay this ridiculous cost of living to spend the year in long sleeves and close-toed shoes, after all).

2) Even rarer still is getting in a walk with Chris. It’s not that he *never* exercises but it’s pretty rare. It’s not as rare as a Unicorn or someone who dresses properly in Southern California, but far more rare than say, real boobs, gastric bypass or a man who cooks AND washes dishes.

Also, I had three brand new experiences!

1) I went to a Tattoo Parlor! I’d never been to one before! I went to support a friend. I can’t imagine what would have to go on in my life for me to get a tattoo. Maybe a really cool “13.1” tattoo or Michael Jackson en point. I’ve seen some really cool tattoos, but frankly I think dark skin is *so* beautiful. More ornamentation is just not necessary. The tattoo situation in the NBA is *completely* out of hand!

2) I completed my very first 10-Mile Race!!! I think the 10-miler is my new favorite. The 5k, is barely enough to get you warmed up. A 10k is a considerable distance but it’s still within the realm where speed is a serious consideration. The Half Marathon is enough to wipe you out. But the 10-miler, is right there in that sweet spot, where you still have to keep going well after you’ve hit the wall but it’s not so long that you start to feel defeated. I had a GREAT time with Lisa. It was a beautiful day, and we kicked it in! My goal was to finish in 2 hours and I got it in in 1:59.10, so I’m calling it a win!

3) AND….. I had a beer on St. Patrick’s Day!!!! In all my 40 years of living, I’d never had a beer on St. Patrick’s Day! I fixed that this year. Meh……

The beer was good though.

The life of this busy mom never stops . When I’m not working, I’m at home looking after the children and wondering why they have converted my room to a hospital for ailing stuffed animals.

Or I’m at one of Jordan’s football games. Now, I *love* little league football games and I love that my boy likes to play

Jayda could not be less interested, but she’s cute.

Or I’m doing taxi service, running my kids to one birthday party

Or another!

Or nursing my baby back to health after a bout of the flu. Poor Jayda!

But still, I keep running. I got this run in on the first Monday after Daylight Savings started! I was so excited to get a run in after work while the sun was still up. I love this time of year!!!

Still, most of my runs end after dark. That’s OK. I still love it.

So much has been going on in my world. I stay pretty busy with work and family. I do wish I had more time to run but for now I am enjoying being a busy wife and mom. I may not always get to do what I want, when I want, but being me has its compensations.

I got to add to my MJ Library. Chum On!

And, with that last 10-Mile race, I filled in the last charm on my charm bracelet. I decided to commemorate it with a heart-shaped blue stone surrounded by a floral design because it was a beautiful day and I loved the company.
I remember when this thing was empty. I’ll have to start a new one!

And Now, On To The Run

February 22nd – 1.65 Walk with Chris
February 23rd – 4.22 Mile Run
February 25th – 3.76 Mile Run
February 27th – 3.00 Mile Run
March 5th – 3.09 Mile Run
March 9th – 10.18 Mile Run – Beach Jam 10-Mile Race
March 11th – 3.22 Mile Run – Daylight Savings Run
March 18th – 3.07 Mile Run – Speed Drills
March 21st – 3.21 Mile Run – Speed Drills
March 22nd – 3.26 Mile Run – Hills, hills & More Hills

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  1. Don't Worry I'm also not into the idea of Tattoo's, But they do look good on some people, while most people have missed the boat!!!

    It good that you have found a distance that you like... now you had etter find another race or 2...