Monday, January 28, 2013

January 22nd thru 27th - 8 Miles Total

The continued prayer is, “Lord keep me focused. Keep my mind stayed on You. Help me to bring You praise. I know You believe in me. Please help me in my unbelief. Amen.”

These were short little runs. As promised, they were hill runs. Well, the first two were. The last one was just a fluke. I walked Jordan to a friend’s house and sprinted back home.

Lately, I have been having some shoulder impingement issues. I have been waiting patiently for it to go away but it has stayed with me for much longer than I’d like.

I’m fairly certain I should see a doctor about it but why go see a doctor when there’s FaceBook?

I put the question out there, pondering whether or not my salt intake could be part of the problem. I *love* these things!!

I could eat ‘em everyday. It’s probably the most undignified thing I do. Popping and spitting is one of my favorite past times and I’ll admit it without shame….. Largely because I am rarely caught at it. I never eat them in public and only my husband & children know of my secret shame. Well …. them and now you.

Anyway, one of my FaceBook buddies suggested that grains might be the culprit. Not that grains caused the problem, I know where and how I hurt myself, but that they may exacerbate the problem. Hmmm….

This is a potential problem and more than a little unfair, in my opinion. I already eat like a geriatric patient with congestive heart failure.

I tend to stick to a Heart Healthy diet, full of lean meats, veggies and whole grains. And I almost never overeat. Not that I don’t splurge from time to time. Chickens line up from miles around for the privilege of giving their lives to be my fried chicken!! I am better than average at baked goods and I recently procured a FANTASTIC recipe for truffles. Other than those few slip ups from time to time, I eat pretty cleanly.

I even started drinking red wine for the health benefits. Really, I did! I ended up liking it quite a bit but still, the original intention was for medicinal reasons. This is me being medicinal.

I didn’t want to believe that alleviating grains… All grains, could be the fix to this problem. But the suggestion came from a respected source, so I forwent (yes, that is the past tense of forgo) my usual breakfast of whole wheat toast with Earth Balance spread, Strawberry Simply Fruit jam and a mug of Green Tea and replaced it with boiled eggs and fresh orange wedges, further pigeon-holing myself amongst the blue hairs and red hat ladies.

I couldn’t give up my Green Tea in my Michael Jackson mug. Who could? He rocks and therefore Green Tea rocks.

It may have been a fluke but the pain was noticeably diminished that day.

Then I wondered if it was a grains issue or a gluten issue. So I had Rice Krispies for dinner that night. I looked at the Nutritional information on the box and it has whole grains but didn’t list gluten, so I went for it.

The pain was back that night.

I’m still not convinced that giving up all grains is the solution but I am trying all manner of devices. Consistently getting a good night’s rest is something I’m trying to work into my program too. This is me before bed.

Good night. Zzzzzz………

Now, on to the Run

January 22nd – 3.27 Mile Run (Hilly. 60 sec @ 9:30 min/mi and 30 sec walk breaks)
January 24th – 3.03 Mile Run (Hilly. 60 sec @ 10:00 min/mi and 30 sec walk breaks)
January 27th – 1.70 Mile Run (Flat. First half, stroll w/Jordan. Last Half 9:45 min/mi Sprint)

These were short but peppered with speed drills on hills (except the last one. I was nursing a fever). I got a note from Coach Dion. He said to keep up the hill work and work speed in once a week. When Coach says move your ass, you don’t ask questions. You just move your ass.

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  1. The Coach says a lot of things...

    And he's going to say a couple more things: Remember that you are going to be racing this year and the plan will be to run fast, or to still be running at the end of the race... So for a half get a couple of longer runs in so you know you can run the whole way (can't PR if you can't run the whole way!) Then practise running faster than race pace, because we want it to feel slow when you set out at PR pace...

    Now I sorry to hear your sholder isn't well, but nether is mine, I have slept on it once to oftern and now if hurts if i put my arm over my head, so I don't!!!

    Love the Red Wine thing, but SA does have a couple of good wines...